Loose Dentures or problems with your dentures? Consider Dental Implants

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Problems with Dentures

The video shows a denture wearer explaining the problems of dentures. After dental implant treatment, he describes how his life has changed.

1) Recurrent painful sore spots.   Dentures eventually become loose as the underlying jaw bone  resorb or “melt away”.   Loose dentures constantly rub against the gums especially when chewing or speaking.  The denture sometimes need to be adjusted where the sore spots are located or a reline of the denture may be needed.   Patients may visit the dentist many times for adjustments or relines incurring extra cost.

2) Loose Fitting.   When dentures are loose fitting, more denture adhesive is required to stabilize the denture.  Patients often have to excuse themselves briefly while at social functions to go to the restroom so that more adhesive can be placed on the denture.  This can become very inconvenient and annoying.   Always worrying about when the denture may become loose resulting in an embarrassing situation can take a toll on you.   It would be great to be able to relax and enjoy yourself when meeting people.

3) Unable to enjoy food.   Denture patients usually have a softer textured diet.   It is very challenging to bite into harder textured foods with dentures.   For example, bitting into corn on the cob, steak, nuts and apples is challenging for denture wearers.  Furthermore, the upper denture covers the entire roof of the mouth.   This is wear taste buds are located.  Unable to taste great food will make eating unenjoyable.   If you have dentures, can you order any type of food off the menu and really enjoy it?

4) Inconvenient.   Dentures have to be cleaned after each meal and at night.   Food gets trapped underneath the denture and can irritate the underlying gums.   Denture wearers will excuse themselves to the restroom after each meal just to clean their dentures.

5) Plastic feel of the teeth.   Dentures are plastic plates with plastic teeth.  They may look esthetic but can feel very unnatural.  Having bulky plastic dentures in your mouth often can feel unreal.

6) Function.  Denture patients are unable to speak, smile and laugh naturally.   Often, patients will adapt so that the denture will not become dislodged. Their speech, smile and laughing will be modified and can feel unnatural.

If you have these problems, consider dental implants.   No more dentures!

Dental implants can make the 6 problems mentioned above disappear.  Start living your life again the way it use to be.

Orlando dental implants


Dr. Ronald Achong is a Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon that provides dental implant treatment in the Orlando and Lake County region.   For pictures on dental implant patients, visit  www.oralsurgicalarts.com or call 352-243-5599

Orlando dental implants

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