Bone loss problems and missing teeth

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Why you should not ignore missing teeth?

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You may have a missing tooth or several missing teeth.   So what?  There are many other teeth in your mouth.   What is the big deal?

Missing Teeth = Loss of Jaw Bone = LOOKING OLDER

When a tooth is removed, the jaw bone in this area slowly resorb or “melt” away.  Sometimes more teeth may need to be removed.  Several missing teeth will cause even more jaw bone to “melt” away.  Because teeth are missing, the jaw bone in these areas are no longer in use.  This leads to the resorption of the bone.  “If you don’t use it you loose it?  For example, when a cast is removed after a broken leg has been treated, the leg appears “skinny”.   This is because the leg has not been in use for many weeks so the muscle mass diminishes.  The same applies to the jaw bones.

Over many months and years the jaw bone will resorb.   Looking at the above picture, the face on the left shows a face that is young, full and healthy due to a full set of natural teeth.   However, if all the teeth were removed, the jaw bone “melts” away.  This eventually will lead to a sunken in appearing lower face as depicted on the picture right side.   Furthermore, the wrinkles around the mouth become significantly prominent.  The chin appears to be larger and more protrusive.    The facial structure of the face collapse making the face look older.

Dental implants are a great treatment option to replace missing teeth.   Once the dental implants are placed in the jaw bones, the jaw bone volume in these areas are maintained.   No bone loss occurs and the facial support is maintain leading to a young, full and healthy appearance.   Missing teeth can cause many problems.

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